Logging On to Zangle Connection

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Prerequisites: To log on to a Zangle Connection session you must be registered as a faculty member in the Zangle database, with an active status record in at least one track.

1 - Navigate to the Login screen

When you arrive at your district's Zangle Connection site, you do not immediately see the Login screen; a splash screen will appear first. The path to access the Login screen from the splash screen will depend on your district configuration. There are two possible splash screens: Welcome and Alternate.

a) Welcome to Zangle! screen

The 'Welcome' screen appears when your district allows users to access only one database - the default database. In this case simply click the Login button in the lower right corner to go to the Login screen.

b) Alternate Connection screen

The 'Alternate' screen appears if your district allows optional access to databases other than the default database. If you are authorized then you can enter your SQL login information in the right panel to point to an alternate database, and click the Submit button at the bottom to go to the Login screen - or you can go to the Login screen of the default database by clicking on the Default Server button in the lower portion of the left panel.

2 - The Login screen

The appearance and functionality of the Zangle Connection Login screen will depend on the login option that is in effect for your school district (method of maintaining login information). The Zangle login option prompts you for your Zangle login information, whereas the Windows Workstation login option prompts you for your Windows network account information.

a) Zangle login

If the Zangle method of maintaining login information is in effect, the Login screen will have three fields: Identification, Name, and Password. To gain access you must enter either your Zangle Faculty ID number in the Identification field or your last name, first name (or unique character string) in the Name field, plus your Zangle password in the Password field. Click the Logon button to continue.

Zangle Login screen
The Zangle Login screen prompts the user for their Zangle login information.

b) Windows Workstation login

If your district is using the Windows Workstation login option, your Zangle login information will not be needed. Instead you will be prompted for your Windows workstation User Name and Password, as illustrated below:

Windows Workstation login screen
The Windows Workstation login screen prompts the user for their Window network account information.

3 - Select a track/school

If you are assigned to more than one track in the same school site (or across multiple school sites) on today's date, the next dialog screen will prompt you to 'Please Select a Track'. You can work in only one track at a time. Select the track you want to work in by double-clicking the line item or highlighting the line item with a mouse click and then clicking the Select button (or Cancel to abort). The track selected will determine the school you will be working in.

Select a track dialog screen

If you are a teacher you may have only a few tracks assigned from which to choose. If you are an administrator you are likely to have a large list of tracks to choose from. If you are assigned to only one track in the Zangle System on Today's Date, this selection screen will not appear. Instead you will go directly to the Zangle Connection Main Menu and your session will be auto-logged to that track.

4 - A successful login

A successful login will open the Zangle Connection Main Menu. This is where you can launch Zangle Connection applications.

Main Menu
Zangle Connection Main Menu

Please refer to the online Help in the Zangle Connection Main Menu for instructions on launching applications, navigating a session, changing your password, changing tracks within a session, and logging out.